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This raw honey comes from our own bee hives located right here on farm. A blend of Nectar collected from clover, buckwheat, and wildflowers producing a flavor unique to this area. 

Our honey has not been heated or super filtered.  It flows from your bottle in the same state as it was extracted from the combs.  Because of this, all the natural pollen's exist in perfect condition suspended in the honey.  In this raw state the honey over time and with cool room temperatures will begin to crystallize. To re-liquefy, place the jar into a water bath and heat it to 110-150° F. The water level should be the same as the honey in the jar. DO NOT REMOVE OR SUBMERSE THE COVER DURING THIS PROCESS!  If your honey crystallizes again you can repeat this same process.      Enjoy the honey! 

Producer: Rare Earth Farm
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